Monthly Archive: September 2009


Microsoft Launch Party Poll

Please have a look at this You Tube clip promoting the idea of launch parties for Windows Seven, and then consider your answer to the poll. We will be forwarding the results to Microsoft....



Not really an entry, as such, but another link which I felt my readers must see… The Headhunters Railway Museum and Barbers Shop in Enniskillen. Who amongst you will be able to resist the...


Watching the ships go by

One of the things that you can do on a WordPress blog is see which of the links that you post get clicks. To my horror, no one, exactly no one, has clicked on...


Ian Mercher is half of Your Dad

Chas is coming to Presteigne on Friday, because Your Dad are playing at a wedding near here. I love playing weddings; they give me an oppurtunity to behave as badly as I like, and...

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