In the Night Kitchen

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  1. Cara Reay says:

    I will have a think about where you can get a bargain meal in Liverpool. I lived there for 8 years having moved back to Presteigne last year for some sanity. I have eaten in loads of places there but I know that it can sometimes be tricky to find a cheap bit at that time of night! My partner has taken up writing but only in the piece and quiet of Radnorshire. It was far to hectic and mad for us in the pool.

  2. Graham says:

    No no no. It has to be bubble. And sorry for confusing firty with fifty, Ian. That’s what a diet of Ribena and fried corpuscles, combined with a lifestyle heavily dependant on excessive and quite unnecessary masturbation does to a man. Firty. Firty. Got it.
    Personally, I just keep the foreign coins that i regularly find in the till to put into the children’s money boxes. The little rascals!

  3. Lonesomedepot says:

    I can’t help thinking that hash browns are callow young pretenders to the British breakfast plate. At least the chip has history on its side, although I agree – even as a Londoner I do feel a vague sense of wrongness even as I order them. Personally I’d like to see the revival of the now seldom witnessed fried potato.

  4. Pete says:

    The most upsetting thing about living in London (versus some very stiff competition) is that they seem to think chips have a role to play in a big fry-up. Coming form Yorkshire, chips are as vital to me as oxygen, but there’s something dirty about putting them on a fry-up plate. It’s like putting chocolate sushi on the same plate – fine in their own right, together just wrong. Has browns, yes. Bubble and squeak, no problem. But not chips.

  5. Ian Marchant says:

    Thanks for your support. Anyway, it wasn’t free pahnd fifty. It was free pahnd firty. I’m putting that four shillings a week away for your future, you ungrateful wretch.

  6. Charley says:

    Please don’t encourage my already overweight father to have any more fried food than is absolutly necessary.
    And no, £3.50 does not count as a valid reason.

  7. Graham says:

    Mushrooms are a must. As are tomatoes, and if they don’t do grilled or griddled fresh ones, place your fried egg(s) on the toast to keep it out of the tinned tomatoes’ body fluids for just long enough to eat them uncontaminated. If that’s not possible, too difficult or breaks the etiquette of the establishment, ask for a slice or two of white break and attack the tomato juices in a mopping up action and give yourself a relatively dry plate with unspoiled eggyolks. Simple. Come on man, it shouldn’t be allowed to spoil your meal, it’s only tomato juice. And free pahnd fifty is a steal.

  8. Richard says:

    The beans and egg; tomato juice and egg – no no no. There should be a law. It’s beans OR egg OR tomatoes, and for true militants: OR mushrooms. This is because you only need one item to soften the toast (if you’re eating the (F)EB as a habit you’ll have bad teeth, n’est-ce pas?), and the liquid of beans and tomatoes will (over-enthusiastically, in my opinion) do what a liquid is supposed to do – fill the available space. Start a campaign. It’s not tight-fisted to go without. It’s just right.

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