The night before lambing

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  1. Catherine Smith says:

    I loved this post. My kids (now 17 and 19) were both born in Brighton and it was very evocative of that heavily pregnant time, the last days of pre-parenthood that seem another lifetime away.
    My firstborn arrived on his due date, 12th October, which was very annoying as I’d been reliably assured that first babies never arrive on time and I had to cancel lunch with my friend and do all that undignified huffing, puffing, swearing and pushing business.

  2. Paul Morgan says:

    A poignant memory of Rowan. I vividly recall the last time I saw either of you at the wedding, a few months before lambing, the contrast in your figures as you walked towards Old Building. A day I also remember because I got caught drunk-driving that evening, going round and round the roundabout on Harford Square. I cannot believe that is now almost 30 years ago – we must have slipped through some space-time infundibulum. Our consolation, at least, is that we haven’t growwn up 🙂

  3. Christoph says:

    sounds like its been an ex-Chapati for quite a while now:
    I don’t remember the meal itself, I was recommending the eating of curry to induce labour!

  4. Ian Marchant says:

    I’m jealous, because I never made it to the Black Chipati… is it still with us?

  5. Christoph says:

    I hate myself for even writing it, but its now called Thecityofbrightonandhoveactually … actually. One day people will start saying “I live in Hove, Brighton actually”.

    Very nice post Ian. It reminded me that we went for a walk on Ditchling Beacon day before our first child was born, very windy November day. And a curry at the Black Chapati on the actual night before. Did the trick, I’d recommend it.

  6. Dan says:

    Nice post.

    “we lived in Brighton, (Hove, actually)”

    I think it is now officially called ‘Hove-Actually’ – as opposed to ‘Hove, actually’. Mind you, some friends of mine recently told me they had moved to Hove – when I checked their address on streetmap – it looked suspicioulsy close to Portslade station, so maybe that will become Portslade-Actually in due course

  7. Ian Marchant says:

    This is a good point. All the links within the text appear in a slightly more intense white. Neither Perry nor I can work out how to make them more visible; nor can we work out how to make the font slightly larger. We think we might have to pay money: but we’re working on it…

  8. Adam_Y says:

    You have a blog!


    Now, where are those sheep photos I was promised…

  9. Ian Marchant says:

    The Airtight Garage were; me on vocals, Bob Machin on guitar, old Perry Venus on bass (that’s him with the blond bob), Paul Hazel on drums and, not pictured, Ian Willson on guitar and lyrics. Annoyingly, the line up has been missed out from the website.

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