Calling Hazel Blears

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  1. Charlie B says:

    The truth about the guacamole/mushy peas incident! Do tell!
    Was he being ironic, ignorant or snide?

    Sorry I missed your last gig in Lancaster ………pfffffffff thats family life for you, need I say more


  2. Cedilla says:

    How awfully funny darling, catching (Who…Weeta) Bix on his cell phone to his gooseberry sweetie-pie. Mmmm, sounds as if he knows what he’s paid for promoting in his spare time…. A little more On The Buses than Old Laborious I wonder…? Happy editing of That little sketch tho’…and good work Monsieur Marchant. X

  3. I fucking detest Hazel Blears. Is it just me or is there always a faint skittering of claws when she hoves into view or departs the scene?

  4. Dan says:

    He sounds like a southerner, and a relatively posh one. Will all be revealed in the broadcast?

    In my experience most MPs anecdotes come from things they’ve little more knowledge of than having read in the paper just like the rest of us. Unless he was actually with Mandy in that chippy it is hard to know how he could confirm it of course (unless he’s really just confirming he’s heard the story).

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