Top Deck

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  1. You patted a vacant seat next to you on the bus in order to invite an agressive teen to join you? Ian? You did that? That’s just a few steps away from active grooming! Ah well, at least you survived to tell the tale.

  1. March 16, 2014

    […] Sometimes it’s not so much your own curiosity and nosiness that leads you into other lives. Instead it’s the sheer volume that people emit. In the past, when I travelled on buses a bit more than I do now I found young people tended to head to the back seats of the top deck, from where one would phone a friend, put them on loudspeaker and talk to them with a volume that turned their conversation into a kind of theatre. Because it tends to be the young who are given to inviting people into their world in this way, such moments are golden opportunities to brush up on the latest street slang. In 2008 I was introduced to the expression ‘chat shit’ by this small black guy, about 15, who shouted the phrase into his mobile phone thirty times in three minutes, to a girl whose number he seemed to have attained only recently. Afterwards I heard the phrase ‘chat shit’ on every top deck I got on to, for the next three months. Ian Marchant talked of the occasion he was on the top deck of a Greenford bus, making a radio progra… […]

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