Top Deck Two

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  1. Perry Venus says:

    Looking forward to the account of your Stone ‘enge encounter. I forgot to plug my blog; you might be interested in my night time musings on babysitting! Don’t forget to subscribe yto my feed either Ian!

  2. Perry Venus says:

    My memories of Salisbury Plain are coloured by Winter half-light schoolboy bus journeys between Amesbury and West Lavington; north at 7.45 each morning and south at 6.00pm. Obviously I went to school in Autumn, Spring, and Summer but once the clocks switched from BST it became a little less fun. Leaving home in the dark and coming home in the dark surely must be bad for the spirit.

  3. sarsen56 says:

    I hope you enjoy your Stonehenge visit – for evidence that Stonehenge was designed with the winter solstice in mind see:

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