Monthly Archive: December 2008


St. Steven's Playlist

It’s Boxing Day; my daughters arrive tomorrow, and today I’ve had a day of thrilling idleness. And what better way to spend a few idle hours than batting around on You Tube? First off,...


Solstice at Stonehenge

Well, that was a remarkable night. I drove from Presteigne down to Stonehenge, arriving on the stroke of midnight; and quickly realised that I had blundered horribly by not taking a torch. You would...


Top Deck Two

Thursday started just like Monday; the drive to Leominster in darkness to catch the train down to Newport, and then onto London in the company of hard-working business people tapping frantically into their laptops...


Top Deck

A long day in Middlesex recording a radio programme about kids going mental on the top decks of buses after school. If you’ve never bimbled round Greenford on a bus full of teenagers kissing...


Nos Da!

Another winter’s night in Mid Wales smoking with Perry Venus and listening to Kraut Rock. We’ve moved on from thirty two years ago when we started doing this together in that back then we...

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