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Constitutionally odd 5

Constitutionally odd

Last night, Friday night, my wife and I came back to Radnorshire from Brussels, via the Eurostar. I’d never been to Brussels before, and I guess I wasn’t quite prepared for how odd a...

How to Get Your Head Together in the Country 1

How to Get Your Head Together in the Country

I’m having a meeting with old Perry Venus in Hay about updating the website. I think that the night thing has had its day. Something of the Night  will stand or fall without my...

Teachers getting lost 2

Teachers getting lost

When I’m teaching, I often tell my students not to worry about originality. ‘Originality,’ I tell ’em, ‘is a shibboleth. The only writer who we know for sure was original was Homer. After that,...

What I am wearing 8

What I am wearing

My hair shaven short, by design, though shaped by cruel circumstance. One of two pairs of bespoke Anglo-American spectacles, each identical in shape, but different in colour; a black frame for distance, and a...

In the Woods 1

In the Woods

The BBC wish to make it clear that distilling alcohol in woods is strictly illegal. One of the excellent Paul Williams photos that didn’t make it into ‘The Longest Crawl.’

A Walk to Bongville 19

A Walk to Bongville

I have been waiting to read it for a year; I couldn’t afford the hardback when I saw it in the summer in the Penrallt Gallery Bookshop in Machynlleth, but when on a recent...