The Turtledove. An Extract from One Fine Day, with Singing.

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  1. Bernie Bell says:

    Here’s my review of ‘One Fine Day’. I don’t tell people much – just, hopefully, enough to tempt them to read the book…..

    I am, however, telling people I know that they might like to read it.

    I like the drawing on page 269 – I wonder what Thomas looked like?

  2. Bernie Bell says:

    Bugger – it should have read – “haven’t eaten meat”….

    Distracted by the image of a bacon butty, oozing juices ……

    You’re a very good writer!

  3. Bernie Bell says:

    This isn’t about ‘One Fine Day’, it’s about ‘In Southern Waters’, which I’ve just finished reading.

    I have eaten meat for a long time, and the one thing I really miss is a bacon butty – exactly as you describe them in the chapter entitled ‘Bacon Sandwiches’ (clever use of plural, by the way). White bread, butter ( not healthy spready stuff), tomato ketchup, crispy grilled bacon.

    Your description made my mouth water. You little bugger you.

  4. Bernie Bell says:

    I’m pluggin’ yer books again….

    Beltane Greetings!

  5. Bernie Bell says:


    Season’s greetings – however you see it!


  6. Ian says:

    Bernie Bell – I used to know you, and I’d describe you as a force of nature, interested, interesting, and a person it was a pleasure to know you…

  7. Bernie Bell says:

    Well Ian – different strokes for different folks and all that ….listening to The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem reminds me of my Mum and Dad – who were Irish – loving, funny – full of life.

    Mum also listened to what we referred to as ‘Them Old Blues Blokes’….that’s how I know the words of the songs…and recognized Zeppelin ‘nicking them.

    This is what went into my blog about your book ….

    And tomorrow there will be this….

    “I read Jackie Morris’ Tweets about drawing maps….

    ….and sent her this….which was in my blog last August….

    ‘Notes From An Island’……

    Mike came across a book by Tove Jansson that I didn’t know about – tho’ I should say by Tove Jansson and Tuulikki Pietila as ‘Tooti’ did the paintings, some of which put me in mind of the images in ‘After Orcadia’….. Not surprising, really.
    I’m jumping ahead of myself – here’s the tale……

    Mike had called by Stromness Books & Prints to collect a couple of books which we’d ordered and there, on display on the counter was ‘Notes From An Island’ so, being the good man that he is, he bought a copy and brought it home for me. I had no idea this book existed, though I’m a great admirer of Tove Jansson, not just the ‘Moomin’ books, but also her ‘Summer Book’ and ‘Winter Book’.
    I’d started to re-read ‘Contact’ by Carl Sagan, but that beautiful book, lying there on the table next to me…..


    …… I had to embark on it and visit the isle of Klovharun with Tove and Tooti.
    What’s it about? It’s about Tove & Tooti living together on a small, wild island and being happy – and all the things going on around them.
    One of my very favourite things is the illustration on the front cover by Tove’s mother Signe Hammarsten Jansson and, in particular, the detail of the two little ‘seahorse’ creatures which to me represent Tove & Tooti – swimming along together through their lives.”

    Then Jackie posted this on her blog …..

    And there’s this, too…

    And – Marchant’s Map…….

    I likes maps.”

    I likes your map – when I read the book – will I find that it’s a map of lives lived?

    I never met your Dad – but I used to know you and, unless you’ve changed a lot – the only descriptive word you use of him that could be used of you would be ‘charmer’ – but not in the manipulative, creepy way.

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