Ian’s Big Fat FA Cup Fundraising Challenge

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I expect when you first heard I had incurable prostate cancer, incurable due to its involvement with my bones, you thought, ‘Oh no!, I bet he’s going to try to raise money for Macmillan‘. And so it has come to pass. I am doing it thusly. I’m going to attempt to go to every round of the FA Cup, by following the team who wins each match. We started on August 6th, the Extra Preliminary Round, Hereford Pegasus vs Stourport Swifts, Pegs 0 – Swifts 6. This Saturday, it’s the Preliminary round proper, Stourport Swifts vs Racing Club Warwick. I’ll follow the winners of each game onto the next round, and so on. Who knows where Fate (ie the FA Cup draw) will take me?

You can sponsor me by donating pies. This first pie, enjoyed in the luxurious clubhouse of Hereford Pegasus, was excellent, and it cost a mere three pounds. If you felt like putting in three quid, that would be great. Twelve pounds would buy four pies, thirty pounds ten pies, three hundred pounds a hundred meat pies, and so on. You do the math – though, fun fact, £1095 would buy a pie a day for a year.

Also, you can just rock up to the games, eat your own pie, and shake the bucket alongside me. If this works, we’re all but certain to wind up in a ground near you, even if that’s Carlisle, or Blyth Spartans, or whatevs. I’ll keep friends appraised of where the games end up being, and that some of you might join me. In short, we’re on our way to Wembley!

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  1. Bernie Bell says:

    I noticed Julian’s donation comment…”In Memoriam: Sweeney Todd.” Many years ago – in the days of our youth – Ian played the Judge in a College production of ‘Sweeney Todd the Demon Barber of Fleet Street’ – and now…..

    I likes pies – probably not the kind that Ian is eating along the way to Wembley though – also possibly containing meat of questionable origin!

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