Why All the Stations was/is special

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  1. Thomas says:

    Hello Ian. My late mother, my son and myself all read The Longest crawl which we enjoyed very much. I also more recently read Parallel Lines and I was delighted with the comments you made about Steinerites on page 265 as they are all so true. I went to the Steiner school you mentioned and I can confirm that it is very much part of the weird cult that you alluded to. I was there for my entire school life and it was a place where I was always desperately unhappy as I was never able to adapt to the the place’s strange cultist lifestyle and way of thinking.

  2. Dan says:

    Can you make the link to your trip with Geoff and Vicki work please Ian – unless it’s my computer of course. Cheers

  3. Keith says:

    Thank you Ian for posting about Geoff and Vicki’s travels. I have watched every episode so far, great viewing.
    I also loved parallel Lines, one of the best railway books I have read and I have read more than a few.

  4. Russell Beeker says:

    Living in the Washington DC area, everyday is just filled with with bile and negative rants from politicians, the Chump in Chief, and the media. This tour of a country I love very much has made my summer. You are so right, I really think the world is falling for these two quirky folks. The best 20 quid I’ve spent in a long time.

  5. Steve says:

    Geoff and Vicki’s quest has been great viewing. Best Kickstarter £10 I’ve spent.

    Thank you, Ian, for confirming I am not the only one who shouts at the telly when Portillo’s railway show is on (though he did once turn up in the background of one of Geoff’s Tube videos while making one!)

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