Qualcosa della notte… (according to Babel Fish, anyway)

I heard today that DeAgostini have offered to publish Something of the Night in Italy, and that the excellent Claudio Silipigni is once again to be my ‘translator’, just as he was for ‘The Longest Crawl’. I couldn’t be more pleased. It says ‘translator’ in the book, but, as I can’t speak a word of Italian, Claudio is really my co-author. I really enjoyed answering his questions for the book which became ‘Isole, Incontri, Pub, Sopraputto Pub.’, especially the ones about Perry and the disapearing rabbit and whether or not Stewart Home’s ‘Cunt’ could be usefully translated. (It could, I’m pleased to say).

If this wasn’t enough excitement for one day, my lovely agent Annette Green also confirmed that Orion are putting ‘In Southern Waters’ and ‘The Battle For Dole Acre’ into their e-book programme, so Kindlers will be able to download the long-out-of-print novels. It’s great that ‘Dole Acre’ in particular might get another bite of the cherry, since it went out of print about five minutes after it was published, and I always hoped it might get another lease of life.

I went to have my ears probed in Llandrindod Wells this morning, and my wife had a new crown put on at the dentists in Knighton, and her face has been frozen all day, and it’s fair to say we’ve both been feeling a bit sorry for ourselves. So, time to cheer up, methinks.

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  1. Claudio Silipigni says:

    Wahahahah!!! It’s ok Ian, don’t worry! 😀

  2. Ian Marchant says:

    Honest Claudio, I did understand, I promise. I just thought it was a funny thing to be discussing, childish beast that I am…

  3. Marco says:

    Great news! ‘Isole, Incontri, Pub, Sopratutto Pub’ it’s one of my favorite book (I love english pub and english ales, I’m probably an italian reincarnation of an middle-age english villager).

    Please, post when you have the publication date.

  4. Claudio Silipigni says:

    It’s great to work again with you, Ian!
    Btw, I hope you don’t mind if I make a bit of clarity about the “Cunt” matter as I’ve done in FB (not everyone is supposed to have access to it, right?) since, I’m afraid, I was totally misunderstood at the time The point is not that I couldn’t translate the word “cunt” into Italian (should you be curious, it’s “stronzo” or “coglione” or, if it’s meant for the female genitalia, “figa” with all the possible synonyms). The point is, Stewart Home’s book “Cunt” has never been translated into Italian (the book, not the word itself!), so in order to save Ian’s joke I’ve had to replace “Cunt” with another one among Stewart Home’s titles. After a bit of research, I’ve found “Cranked Up Really High” (“Marci, sporchi e imbecilli. Attraverso la rivolta punk” in Italian). Problem solved. Sorry but I just needed to point it out! Now I feel much better… XDD
    Oh, by the way… “Qualcosa della notte” sounds really much too “machine-translated”: to make it sound more “human”, I think I’ll suggest “Pensieri sulla notte” (“Thoughts on the Night”) or something like that… 🙂

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