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For as long as anyone can remember, your educated liberal middle classes, of whom I guess I am a member, have despised the red tops (and the Mail and Express). They manipulate the news in such a way as to encourage fear in the British Public; fear obviously earns them money, and money, and power, seem to be the only values with which the proprietors, editors, and, yes, journalists, can connect.

But now, perhaps, they have gone too far. Their disgusting behaviour means that the whole country has become revolted to the point of saying, ‘No More.’

Here is a link to Avaaz, calling on Ofcom to ensure that News Corporation don’t get to take over Sky.  Here is a link to the Parliamentary site which allows you to find your MP; drop them a line. Share links on Facebook; here is a Boycott the News of the World Facebook page you could share. Please do something, if you can.

I have started researching a book on the history of the underground in Britain. The aim of the hippies, I’m arguing, was to ‘overcome alienation’. It is a Marxist idea, but try not to be nervous. Broadly, the theory of alienation states that capitalism dehumanises us. There can be no doubt that the people behind News Corporation have lost touch with their humanity. In particular, Rebekah Brooks, who was Editor at the News of the World at the time they hacked into Millie Dowler’s phone is no longer human. A spell in prison might help her reconnect with what it means to be alive. By urging your MP to call for an independent inquiry, and to strengthen the courage of the police and the Director of Public Prosecutions as they ensure that those responsible are punished, you will be helping Ms Brooks to take real responsibitity for what she has done, and so become human again.

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