Decades of fun at Radio Free Radnorshire

So, to celebrate the new Decade, we here at Radio Free Radnorshire have been speculating thusly; which was the best year for popular music in each of the decades of poppy rockin’? We have chosen six years, one from each of the Fifties, the Sixties, the Seventies, the Eighties, the Nineties and the Noughties. We didn’t feel really competent to comment on the Noughties, so I just chose the year my favourite album of the decade came out. To accompany m’choices, I’ve posted a song from each year; none of them, I hope, the most obvious choice from years where lots of great records were released.

Not all of the clips actually come from the year in question, but all the songs featured were originally released in my chosen years. As it were.

For the Fifties, I’ve gone for 1956, uncontroversially, I would imagine.

For the Sixties, it has to be 1965, also fairly obviously.

For the Seventies, I’ve gone for 1973, though 76 came a very close second.

For the Eighties, it has to be 1989.

For the Nineties, I reckon 1994.

For the Noughties, I’m running with 2004, but only, as I say, because it was the year of release of my favourite album of the decade. I look forward to handing this occasional decade review to my daughter Minnie in ten years time, by when I’ll only be able to remember a few nice tunes with a swinging beat from any period of time you may care to mention.

We look forward to your views.

5 Responses

  1. Graham says:

    My goodness Ian but this lot will take some thinking about. My strangest musical memory of 1973 is buying the German language version of Anne-Marie David’s Eurovision song. It was either Komm mit mir ins Land der Traume or Du bist Da. Can’t remember which was the A side. Damn but I enjoyed 1973. How do?

  2. Mac says:

    Good call on the 90s

  3. Bob says:

    ‘appen I’ll think on that later…

  4. Ian Marchant says:

    Come on then lad. Let’s hear thy years…

  5. Bob says:

    Mmmm. Mad endeavour, but thanks anyway. Have to say the only one which I thought was even a contender was your eighties choice… but then I remembered Prince…

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