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  1. Ian Marchant says:

    Consensus ‘in da house’. ‘Fairy Tale of New York’ is fab, of course. I always play ‘Seven Seas’ by Echo and the Bunnymen, but no one else seems to count it as a Christmas song…

  2. Michael Alexander says:

    What is the ‘concensus’ in this case? Everything I’ve seen, except ‘The Hits’ countdown on Freeview channel 18, points ‘Fairytale of New York’ being the most popular. And for my money it’s so far ahead of the rest as to be unrecognisable; a genuinely good song, as opposed to simply a good Christmas song.

    Worst Christmas ever? Mine will be next year. Long live this year.

  3. Ian Marchant says:

    I reckon all pop stars must be odd. The ones I’ve met certainly are. But its worth it!

  4. Kate M says:

    Oh, the song is great, whether or not Mariah Carey is a very odd lady.

  5. Ian Marchant says:

    It is fab; and now two vids to watch…

  6. Bob says:

    Nice, Ian. I agree about the song, though we believers are thin on the ground. I commend this video… far superior I think…

    Have a great one, y’all… x

  7. Kate M says:

    I’ve always thought Mariah seems terrifying in that video, between her wrestling Father Christmas to the ground, all the animal presents and the way she makes a dwarf in a fake beard dance with some children.

    Hope you all have a lovely Christmas and New Year x

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