Vote Labour!

Driving to Kidderminster station today and listening to Today, I heard a report from the East London constituency of Barking about how Margaret Hodge is fighting off opposition from the BNP. A similar situation pertains in Stoke South, and if I lived in either place, I would happily vote Labour. Hodge, together with John Cruddas in neighbouring Dagenham, is one of the few Labour MP’s who understand that the rise of the BNP is directly related to the failure of New Labour.

Other than in those instances, however, I agree utterly with George Monbiot writing in today’s Guardian. Don’t vote Labour.

Anyone here from Handsworth, I hear you ask?

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  1. James Walford says:

    Gary Younge puts the other side of the argument quite well

    And some memories of a more positive political development, must have played this about 50 times when she went!

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