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  1. Ian Marchant says:

    No, I liked it that the Lib Dems were doing well. I even liked it that one brave lass was prepared to put her hands up for the Real Tories. What upset me were the two students prepared to go into the polling station and vote for war criminals who’d lied about raising their tuition fees, wiped out their parents savings, and seen to it that their education meant that didn’t know how this country is governed. Or even what it’s called, a fact which particularly tickled the Italian member of our our happy band…

  2. That we tended towards Lib Dem made you fed up? So long as it wasn’t based entirely on the TV debate, I’d say it was a damned good result. And are we suggesting that placing Mr Marchant in the position of role model to 30 malleable young adults is a bad thing? Now that you mention it…

  3. Ian Marchant says:

    It does seem odd, doesn’t it?

  4. Matt Barnard says:

    Students? Who the fuck would put you in charge of young minds? This country is going to the dogs, and only one man with only one eye can lead us back to the glory days.

  5. Dru says:

    If earthquakes are caused by immodest women, as we have been told

    ..maybe volcanoes go off in response to excessive political bullshitting? So perhaps you can blame Gordon Brown after all. That sulphurous, farty odour…

  6. Sue Shand says:

    Of course you are! If you weren’t you might have noticed that he was holding the purse strings for a long time. Gordy’s panicked attempts to reduce the NHS budget as usual failed completely to address the real problems. Rather than upset all the managers and Consultants (who probably all vote Tory anyhow), his financial solution resulted in the employment of large numbers of junior Doctors from (largely) Asia (who are fortunately a lot cheaper than British-trained Doctors)… and hoards of Nurses from the cheap seats of *New Improved Europe*. So reducing the bargaining power of the Nurses and health-workers unions. These foreign imports generally don’t get paid as much as native Brits because they are ostensibly on “training contracts” or “temporary contracts” or are employed on reduced packages by the independent “Fund-holding Trusts”. That is, reduced from the Union-negotiated packages which previously ensured Nurses a fair do. In any case the Eastern European and Asian Nurses and Doctors who were actively recruited abroad now handily take the (local acting unpaid) place of a British trained (expensive) local practitioner. So Gordy and his cronies managed to de-skill the medical services, reduce standards, cut the wage budget, and shut the unions up all in one fell swoop. Clever heh?

    So, if Gordy hadn’t have botched up the NHS maybe your Lug-doc would have gone to Aberystwyth for his Easter hols instead of India?

    One wonders how a socialist, union-backed, *Labour* government can justify the use of what is essentially blackleg labour in a Government-regulated Industry… but there you go…

    I guess you will be turning a deaf ear with impunity now then?

  7. In my experience, every day in Perry Barr is a long day, head for Handsworth

  8. markswill says:


    Yes Ian, I fear that you are. Broon is a self-righteous failed know-all who wants, nay, expects us to forget that he loudly claimed prudence was his driving philosophy when it came to his stewardship of the economy (“No more boom and bust”), the collapse of which he endlessly blames on the “global financial crisis”. This may in essence (just) have an element of truth, but if he was so prudent, then why did he famously augur a “light touch” for our financial regulatory regime and why did he not see the shit-storm that was coming down the pike with the sub-prime loan market?

    I sympathise with your dismay re. the ear op, but also agree with Jo that you may thus be spared the bilious cant of the next two debates now that the New Party and the Bullingdon Boys will have the knives out for Pretty Boy Clegg, but I commend you instead to scan my latest blog which is currently far more concerned with the ashen-faced masters of the universe and their reaction to the Icelandic economic back(l)ash:

  9. Jo Bell says:

    Look on the bright side, you won’t be able to hear the next two debates. Every [ash] cloud has a silver lining….

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