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  1. Graham says:

    But Fatcha didn’t make the bastards build a childrens’ creche on Denton Island. I say they’re guilty as charged, as well as the war criminals in government. These truly are fascinating if trying times, Ian. I fear for the future, whilst waiting for it to unfold.

  2. Graham says:

    Ah thank you darling. You say the sweetest things.

  3. Ian Marchant says:

    Now, Mr Graham. Let me make one thing clear. You don’t want to go and live in Michael A’s town, because that is a town in the Midlands well known for its adherence to the rolling egg game. You want to come and live here.
    And I hear you re. the Lib Dems, but, as the great radical film-maker Ken Loach has just pointed out on The Campaign Show ont BBC, we currently have a cabinet of war criminals, who should be on trial. Satanbury’s was a disaster for Newhaven (and a consequence of Thatcherite rejigging of the planning system), but it wasn’t the Iraq War.
    You’d love it here, and we’d love you…

  4. Graham says:

    And Dear Michael Alexander. I want to come and live in Wales. I want to live in your town. I want to live in your street. I want to live in your house. With you. I’ll keep quiet while you watch your Alan Carr DVDs. I’ll just paint faces on your toenails and give each of your toes cute little names. I’ll let you eat vegetarian meals and I’ll let you use organic washing up liquid. So don’t you go spoiling things by telling me off when I bring my Stormtrooper Christmas compilation editions into the house. OK?

  5. Graham says:

    Me again Ian. Sorry if it feels like I’m monopolising things but I hankered to return.
    No, it’s not institutional poverty and a crap education system which are entirely blame for the hometown’s dire straits. It’s largely because we have a shite Lib Dem district council who are uncomfortably balanced between God-awful incompetence and utter corruption. An example?
    Once upon a time we had two supermarket giants, Asda & Satansbury, both of whom wanted to build superstores here. Asda wanted to build on derelict land on Denton Island. They got turned down by LDC because the land was contaminated due to having been used as a domestic tip in the 1920’s. Satansbury got the go-ahead for a smaller store than they wanted, which they built on the marshland where once stood Charringtons, but on a floating concrete raft, which duly cracked up and started to collapse. So Satansbury’s huge store which they originally wanted was duly built with barely a glance form the predominately Lib Dem council’s planning committee. That’s the Lib Dem LDC who have since, without any pretence of a clean up of the ‘contamination’, built an enterprise centre, further education facility and childrens’ nursery on that contaminated land on Denton Island.
    Result? One lovely huge out-of town superstore which has sucked the life out of one slowly dying town centre, which no longer has a butcher, fishmonger, hardware store, greengrocer etc. etc. Luckily for me, because I am such one fucking awesomely lovely human being, my shop is going against the trend and we’re busier than ever. That’s one reason I detest and loathe the Lib Dems.

  6. Paul Smith says:

    Interesting stuff! How much better would it be if we dispensed with all the debates and canvassing and just answered these questions at the ballot box? I didn’t think I was *particularly* green, but came up with 56% Green, 22% “Labour” and 22% Lib Dem. Being in constituency with a Lib Dem MP (who’s doing a pretty good job), I’ll be voting for them, but I’m confident that a Green candidate would be returned in my neck of the woods if there was a different voting system.

  7. Ian Marchant says:

    Oh Graham. Graham Graham Graham. Newhaven’s not shit because of immigrants or Europe. It’s shit because of the institutional poverty and bad education of which we were such proud recipients. Do what the rest of us did. Sell the business, and come and live in a hippy town, where you can feel the love…

  8. … but preferably not in Wales.

  9. Graham says:

    Well well. Not that I’m likely to vote for either but I’m 50% each BNP and UKIP. Really! Fuck, and I had Norman Baker round for coffee the other day.
    Dear Deirdre,
    Does this make me a monster? I feel strangely calm because I always knew that I was special. I agree with your correspondents about Salmond, and I’m not even Scottish.
    Yours with a new found sense of self awareness and a queer sort of liberation of the soul, etc. etc. etc.

  10. Ian Quance says:

    Labour 60.00% Green Party 20.00% Lib Dems 20.00% – & not a hint of tribalism – surprised me as it happens – interesting site

  11. Hmm. That’s an interesting site. Mostly Lib Dem, some Green and one each of Labour and Tory. That’s pretty much where I thought I was, though I must admit to feeling a little sick at the bit of Tory.

    Plaid are (for me) tainted by the fact that Alex Salmond, horrendous human being that he is, keeps associating with them…

  12. Ian Marchant says:

    Plaid are allright, in my view. Less rabid.
    I should say I got 66 Lib Dem, and 33 Green, which upset me a bit, because I thought it might be the other wawy round…

  13. James Walford says:

    Very green, with a touch of lib-dem yellow. Not really a surprise, though I was aware while I did it that the options I was choosing didn’t have a price-tag on…

    Don’t know much about Plaid Cymru, don’t have an opinion on representation of them or the SNP in national debates, but I do know the SNP are a bunch of complete wankers. When I lived in Edinburgh I saw how they twisted every single issue to be Scotland V England to see where they could drive the wedge in. They also backtracked massively and immediately on their most important election pledges – especially that on cutting class sizes – when they won the Scottish Assembly. I wouldn’t piss on Alex Salmond if he were on fire.

  14. Kate Mascarenhas says:

    Green on democracy, welfare and education. Labour on Health. Pretty in line with my expectations.

    However, this time the Greens aren’t standing in my constituency, so in that sense it doesn’t help.

    Camera Obscura provide excellent music for spring time.

  15. Larry White says:

    Not undecided about your video offerings, Ian. As an American I leave the political decisions to those to whom they belong, but Camera Obscura rules for British vids, as (for me) Sonic Youth rules in the USA.

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