Oh, sod it…

…after all, Sunday Night is supposed to be Music Night here on Radio Free Radnorshire.

I was going to blog a rant about the inequity of a voting system that might see the New Party get the smallest number of votes and still get the largest number of seats, but that’s based on ‘uniform swings’, and I am to psephology what Gordon Brown is to civil liberties, so I think I’ll just put my hands up, admit that I don’t know what it means, and post some Brazilian pop music…

Like Jobim…

or Gal Costa…

or Jorge Ben (yes… he sued Rod. And won)

4 Responses

  1. Ian Marchant says:

    I’ve never really heard a version of Baby I didn’t like, even the version I do with my occasional alt-country band, Little Dolly Daydream. Look here… look what I wrote on my shirt…

  2. Larry White says:

    I’ve listened to several versions of Gal Costa’s Baby and this is the one, though they’re all good and I will return to each in time. Thanks, James, for the links to Hermeto Pascoal!

  3. Ian Marchant says:

    Woof! Top stuff!

  4. James Walford says:

    If we’re talking Brazilian music then I absoæutely have to insist you check out some Hermeto Pascoal. This first is from Quarteto Novo (had Airto in it as well) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=naQbZds4ZHU

    The second shows the insane genius of a man that can actually solo on his beard:

    As if it’s not enough to look like Father Christmas on holiday….

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