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  1. yammerman says:

    Dang it Ian I can’t find anything to argue with there and I’m thrilled to find myself living in the sexiest nation on Earth.

  2. bob says:

    This bit I wholly agree with: “I would like to see Britain becoming a secular society, with no special dispensation for people with religious views over agnostics or atheists.” as everything else would flow from that. As far as I’m concerned, giving people seats in the Lords or dispensation to marry royalty on account of their preferred voodoo makes as much asense as elevating them on the basis of supporting Manchester United (apologies for alluding thusly, today of all days) or being over six foot two, or opening their eggs from the pointy end or the blunt end.
    Once you’ve got this sorted, could you abolish the Lords, Royalty and establish a republic Ian? Oh, and the F.A. It would be thrilling to feel like we’re starting to venture out of the 17th century in terms of our institutions…

  3. IDW says:

    That’s a very robust ‘render unto ceasar’ view Richard – I’m impressed. Not aware of the Christian Surfers or the non-capitalized church, but will certainly look them up. Ian, I couldn’t agree more, I think the special position of the C of E is increasingly anachronisitic, undemocratic and impossible to justify. Well done the welsh.

  4. Richard says:

    I’d like to speak for the entire church of england (no caps), and suggest that the church of england constituency within the Church of England has no objection to disestablishmentarianation. I suspect many who do feel fully integrated within the C of E would agree. The contract is with a higher power, not with the rulers of the land, whoever they may be. Even in the C of E. Or as the Christian Surfers say, when reminded that Church buildings are crumbling and Church power is in terminal decline: ‘Bring it on.’

  5. Mandy Kaim says:

    I’ll agree with all of the above and your previous election daily’s, looking forward to tomorrows edition.

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