I love my students

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  1. Pink says:

    “…can’t see a Civil War – like, you know – organized; armed; brave Hippies marching across a cornfield overlooked by Redneck artillery; making actual personal sacrifices for a greater cause and such…”With what are they proposing to do this civil war/rioting with?We know that none of them are armed with, ya know, real guns, ‘cuz guns is scaaawwwwy, and dan.erousgFuck ’em. Let them start something.

  2. Graham says:

    And Zen Buddhist Grandmothers, however kindly they may be, don’t give Christmas presents. Remember that in November, children.

  3. Becky Lelli says:

    Ahhh thank you Grandma Ian!

  4. Ian Marchant says:

    No. I love you with what Zen Buddhists call ‘grandmotherly kindness.’

  5. vodkavix says:

    Do you love us enough to give us all firsts ? Hehe

  6. Graham says:

    That’s the fellow. High hopes indeed. You’re about thirty years in advance of me when it comes to doing these technological things. Like Donald Sutherland said in Kelly’s Heroes, ‘I only drive it. I don’t know how it works.’ Or something like that.
    Nick Lowe’s very grey now, just like I’ve become.

  7. Ian Marchant says:

    Links Graham. Links! Oh, do I have to do everything myself…

  8. Graham says:

    I love my label,
    And my label loves me…
    It’s quite bone-shivering, the tunes that a blog title can remind me of. It’s almost like walking into a stranger’s house and smelling something that reminds you of an ex-girlfriend’s underwear. Almost Ian, almost.

  9. Ian Marchant says:

    I’ll run it past ‘Lord’ Mandelson…

  10. Larry White says:

    Smells like something conspiratorial. Using the camera obscura.

  11. Ian Marchant says:

    Could I become incapacitated on beer? Might that be a useful compromise?

  12. Deal. Do you think you could put a round on expenses?

  13. Ian Marchant says:

    No, I’m still happy for the field trip to go ahead, so long my death isn’t a necessary condition. Would spraining my ankle do?

  14. I suppose you just need to be incapacitated… In some way unable to complete the trip, at any rate, thus forcing us to grow as people and act on our own initiative.

    On second thoughts, let’s all just go down to the pub for a beer. Beer is a journey in itself.

  15. Martin says:

    I guess this means that the Creative Writing field trip has just been postponed indefinitely.

  16. Ian Marchant says:

    Er… does it have to be MY death? Surely we could find somebody else…

  17. Asma Ahmed says:

    Michael you’re evil with a capital E.

  18. It’s not where we go that’s important. It’s how we get there; it’s the lessons you teach us; it’s the unjust, tearful and protracted manner of your death; it’s the way we all rally round together and cope afterwards, using your wisdom to guide us. I realise there’s a minor downside for you in this plan, but I think it would make a great story for the rest of us. And you did say you wanted to help us become writers.

  19. Ian Marchant says:

    Excellent idea. where shall we go?

  20. And we all, seemingly without exception, love you back. All it needs now is for you to take us on an inspiring trip somewhere, and maybe get killed in the process, and we’re a teary Hollywood film. How exciting.

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