Local author in quiz night cheat horror

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  1. Of course my musical memory despite being addled by many years of ritual braincell killing off-of still stands me as one of the best at the pop music round.

    The theme was Brit Awards over the years. Who’d won best ‘breakthrough’ artist. Tape round. 10 questions. Luminaries such as Michelle Gayle, Blue and the aforementioned Kooks. Number 5 and the strains of ‘Take on Me’ filtered through the speaker-system, albeit modernly produced through a series of unfeeling artificial compressed bytes. Not a patch on the A-ha original, no. Of course, those less ENLIGHTENED then myself nodded in answer-recognition unison that it indeed Morten, Mags and Pal’s 80’s offering, to whit I lurched forward and quoth “No you fools, it’s popular 00’s boy band combo A1!” Because they know I am often right about these things they scrubbed the original answer out and put the correct answer in.

    To whit they scored 10/10 on that round, soundly beating everyone else in the packed rooms paltry efforts of 7s and 8s and when the quizmaster asked in a perplexed fashioned who was sad enough to know who got that particular answer right, I was pointed at and made an example of. Now I know how Gail Trimble feels insert pervy comment or noise as you wish X

  2. Lonesomedepot says:

    Fair enough – a pub quiz is as much a test of initiative as anything else, non?

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