Chelsea Girls are the best in the world for company

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  1. Grime says:

    Ah, Ian. Rowan was a lovely lovely girl.
    You need solitude. I need solitude. It’s a good thing sometimes, is solitude.

  2. Helen Morris says:

    No birthdays of note today, but thanks for the fantastic memories of Rowan. My ‘earth angel’ is now 13 and she really loves pancakes. She (Laura) was feeling slightly hard done by because she’d never, as she pointed out, “actually had pancakes on pancake day”. She should have spent the evening with you Ian – a proper pancake person.

  3. Paul Williams says:

    Ah the 25th of February. My niece and nephew, Cassius and Clementine, they are 10 today. Family friend Mark Radcliffe, it is also his birthday today. And poignantly, for my wife her dear friend Melanie who died last year overwhelmed by a brain tumour, she would have been 36 today.
    And as counterpoint, my girl Elsie Mae is going to her friend Amber’s party this afternoon. She will be four.

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