Mood Index Communique 1

These pages are dedicated to the band I formed with my friend Peter French in Newhaven, East Sussex, in 1984. We were called The Mood Index Continuum, later MIC, and latterly The Mood Index.

Our first gig was in 1984 at the old Richmond on London Road, Brighton, supporting Wild Willy Barratt. Our last gig (so far) was in 2008 at the British Legion in Presteigne, supporting The Scaremongers.

For a few years now, I’ve had in mind a project whereby I tell the story of the band at the same time as allowing people who are interested to listen to the music, and to hear how it changed over 25 years. I thought of wriing a little book with a limited edition CD, but I realised the blog would be a better way to do it, mostly because Soundcloud gives me a chance to link the songs to the text. I thought I’d just make a start, and make it up as I go along. It is under construction.  Each of the chapters here tells a bit of the story of MIC, and links to some of the songs via Soundcloud. Soundcloud tracks let you post comments as they play, and I’ll be taking advantage of this function as I build the pages. I’m building them in chronological order.

All the songs that I’ll be posting are by Peter French and Ian Marchant, unless stated otherwise.

The story is mine.

Copyright MIC 2012

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