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In the Woods 1

In the Woods

The BBC wish to make it clear that distilling alcohol in woods is strictly illegal. One of the excellent Paul Williams photos that didn’t make it into ‘The Longest Crawl.’

Solar Eye 2

Solar Eye

It’s not often that I do any product placement on m’blog, but for my great friend Pete Smith, and for the rather wonderful Solar Eye, I’m happy to make an exception. Pete the Blacksmith...

Radio HSBC 11

Radio HSBC

We all popped into Hereford today, to buy some creosote to get over my clothes and into my eyes and also to some extent on our ricketty backyard fence. Also, I planned to visit...

Us (us us us us) and Them (them them them them) 7

Us (us us us us) and Them (them them them them)

It has been a very interesting experience making the programme for Radio Four about the North/South divide. As I followed the line across England on the map drawn up by Prof. Danny Dorling of...

Apocalypse Weekend 0

Apocalypse Weekend

Now, here’s a thing. That great man Cosmic Smiles has posted the whole of the ‘Apocalypse Weekend’ Sheep Music feature film on You Tube. I wrote most of the ‘script’. The crew had been...