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Something of the Night. 17

Something of the Night.

The new book is out. I’ve always done an introduction to the books, and posted them on this site; this is a first pass, really. I got the idea for a book about the...

The Zep and I 6

The Zep and I

Never been that bothered about the Zep, and I could do with some advice from those who were down with the whole big-haired squeeky voiced cod-Crowleyian ting. In m’new book, ‘Something of the Night’,...

Putative tit rub 14

Putative tit rub

I was talking to my editor today about the proofs of ‘Something of The Night.’ ‘The proof reader,’ he said to me, ‘has an issue with the phrase ‘putative tit rub.’ ‘Oh?’ I said....