Promises Much

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  1. Simon Thorn says:

    Hello Ian Marchant

    I have just read two of your books, ‘Parallel Lines’ and ‘The Longest Crawl’, in tandem. Lines I read in bed, a place I seldom sleep enough, and Crawl I read in our living room sat in my old git’s armchair. I found them both entertaining, informative and sometimes laugh out loud funny. I’m a few years older than thee but we share many of the same cultural references so I was able to relate easily to your thoughts and ramblings. So I thank you for a good read and look forward to digesting your ‘Hero for High Times’ which is on order from my local bookshop.

    I presently reside in Totnes so noted that you frequented the Barrel House, now the Totnes Brewing Company. I would recommend The Albert for authentic nicotine stained interior, micro brewery, extensive range of malts, quiz nights, dog called Albert, etc. Plus, if you didn’t visit The Timehouse Museum, you should. An art installation occupying 4 floors of an old Totnes town house, it is uniquely intriguing.

    Good luck with the new book


    Simon Thorn

  2. Ian Marchant says:

    Next time I’m in Totnes, I’ll get you to show me.

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