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  1. Graham says:

    Yaaas. Well m’boy, I’ve ordered the book from Amazon, seeing as it’s currently proving a wee bit tricky for no explainable reason to get into A TOWN WITH A BOOKSHOP and pick up a copy in person. So now I simply have to wait for Hot Charlotte or not so hot Mateusz to force it through the letter box, hopefully without causing too much damage.
    But then I thought, Kindle! It should download a kindle version, much the same as you can instantly play music after ordering a CD. Well I got a sample at least. As far as Herman Hesse. Das Glasperlenspiel indeed. Currently learning German AND Greek, don’t yer know. There’s fuck all else to do most evenings.
    So I await in the midst of a spiritual pause for the clattering of the letterbox before I can get back in. All the best and ta muchly, Ian.

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