Radio Free Radnorshire

Radio-Free-RadnorshireThis isn’t exactly community radio, in that it’s me, but I’m hoping to get guests in, do outside broadcasts setera setera.

As often as the desire hits, I do a show. Expect me, playing half an hours worth of pop music, with an occassional bit of East  Radnorshire tittle tattle for good measure. (Critics of the station point out that we hardly talk about Landod or Rhyader, and that we are Presteigne-centric)

Radio Free Radnorshire! Not with a bang, but a whimper!

This latest broadcast is pretty much all music, and it should be under the ‘History’ tab, probably. I’ve been doing some test transmissions, in order to track down an annoying click, and for these transmissions, I’ve been playing the lost/unfinished Mood Index album, ‘You Can Live Forever In Paradise On Earth.’ These tracks were all recorded/produced between 1998 and 2005 at the Lancaster Musicians Co-op. Pete French plays piano, organ, keyboards, drums and vibes. Rikki Patton plays guitar and bass, I sing, Julian Nicholas (from Loose Tubes) plays sax, and Ian Dickon plays a bit of bass, produces, engineers, and arranges the backing vocals, which are sung by him and Peter. All songs Ian Marchant, lyrics, Pete French, music. Do have a listen; I’m very proud of this stuff, but it never got a release – until now! Still working on the annoying clicking, BTW…

Radio Free Radnorshire; click here for programmes!

There is also a feed down the left hand side of the site which shows what I am listening to on Spotify as you read. That’s right. It’s live. If I’m listening on Spotify, it will show. Please have a look – run thy mouse over a title to see what it is; clicking on a title will take you through to LastFM, who host the Spotify widget. If you haven’t tried Spotify yet, you must still have a life. I recommend it highly. Spotify that is, rather than life.

And now our friends at BroadSheep TV have beaten us to the punch by starting Radnorshire’s very own music TV channel; a must see, in my view.

But there are those in the world outside Radnorshire, I realise, who might be interested in radio in a wider sense. And so I thought I’d put up links here to some of the things I’ve done for BBC Radios Four and Three.

This is the link to ‘The Secret Power of Trees’, which features me on a treadmill, and the voice of Bob Rowberry.

This is the link to the psycho-geography show, ‘Walking with Attitude’, which features me at Bekonscott Model Village and the voices of Will Self, Iain Sinclair and Stewart Home.

This is the link to the first North/South divide show, North and South – Across the Great Divide, Cleethorpes to Coventry. It features me by a lock, and the voice of John Shuttleworth.

And this is the link to the second North/South divide show,  North and South – Across the Great Divide, Warwick to the Severn. It features me in the Forest of Dean, and the voice of that great and good man David Morley.

I should mention that ‘North South divide’ has replaced Puch Maxi and tit-rub as the most searched for item on m’website.

And if you’re feeling really dedicated, here is the Sheep Music film, ‘Apocalypse Weekend’, widely regarded in Radnorshire as the low point of an already not-hugely-stellar career. They are wrong, damn their eyes! Wrong, I tell you.

I wrote it, and I’m in it, and everyone hates it except me and Cosmic Smiles. I still think that it meets and exceeds the remit; lots of people get parts, it takes place around and through the festival, in order to show what the festival is about without spoiling it for the people who were there, but rather enhacing their experience, so that the filming was part of the festival – there are vox pops, drug induced euphoria, proper festival music, Dirty Ray and Cosmic Smiles for the ladies; and some great gags, though I say so myself. It does really deserve to be a cult classic, know what I’m sayin’? And it features Bob Rowberry in the character of Courage, one of the Four Cardinal Values.