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Ras Tafari in Botolph St.Otto

              Spume has just sent me this photo of His Imperial Majesty Haille Selassie visiting Botolph St Otto in 1939. Spume is on the far right, aged 16...

In the Woods 1

In the Woods

The BBC wish to make it clear that distilling alcohol in woods is strictly illegal. One of the excellent Paul Williams photos that didn’t make it into ‘The Longest Crawl.’

Apocalypse Weekend 0

Apocalypse Weekend

Now, here’s a thing. That great man Cosmic Smiles has posted the whole of the ‘Apocalypse Weekend’ Sheep Music feature film on You Tube. I wrote most of the ‘script’. The crew had been...


I’ve had my chips

The combination of our first wedding anniversary with some teaching in that London for the National Academy of Writing meant that my wife and I were looking for something fun to do in the...

Dreadful inexcusable blunder. 3

Dreadful inexcusable blunder.

I’m sitting at my computer holding my head in my hands, groaning, rending my garments and so on. This coming Sunday sees the broadcast of the second episode of the series I’m currently doing...

I’d love a bit of Green 8

I’d love a bit of Green

I enjoyed watching these two six sided squares discussing the legalisation of drugs today. In principle I’m with Bob Ainsworth, as you might imagine. There are so many great reasons for legalisation, I hardly...